• Industrial Ecommerce Platform

Our Ecommerce Platform … Built To Your Requirements!

Robust, managed hosting plans and basic ecommerce capabilities are included in our ProjexTeam™ platform to support those interested in testing the waters with a simple industrial ecommerce experience. ProjexB2B™ takes you to a whole new level, with dedicated server hosting options, 24/7 security monitoring services, enhanced B2B ecommerce capabilities and additional opportunities to tailor your website/webstore/parter portals and related industrial sales and marketing programs to meet specific business requirements.

ProjexTeam Website Development Platform

  • Shared/VPS Hosting Options

    Hosting options for ProjexTeam™ range from flexible, powerful shared hosting opportunities to managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions. Our hosting team will work with you to determine the best starting point for your organization based on current needs and future plans for expansion.

  • Open Source Software Stack

    Our ProjexTeam™ platform includes a broad range of capabilities that extend the native functionality of WordPress and WooCommerce. We utilize open source software across our entire technology stack for the same reason: To provide maximum value without vendor tie-in … a protection not available to users of proprietary software solutions.

  • Built-In Multi-Site/Subsite/Webstore Support

    ProjexTeam™ is configured to support multiple websites and/or a primary website and multiple subsites within a single instance. This capability provides both cost savings AND opportunities for alignment between each site that would be more difficult to achieve if the sites were hosted separately.

  • Powerful Site Building/Content Management Toolkit

    Although WordPress is world renowned for it’s simple, intuitive interface, things can get messy in a hurry as software extensions are added. Projex IMC resolves the situation by modifying the administrative interface to further simplify its use by non-technical users, and to harmonize controls among third-party plugins. The result is a platform that is both easier to learn and easier to use.

  • Integrated SEO and Analytics Tools

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process undertaken to improve visibility in popular search engines (particularly Google). These search engines provide a huge percentage of the total volume of visitors to most websites, and they do so without the costs associated with pay-per-click and other paid advertising methods. SEO does, however, require a disciplined approach to content development, and a clear understanding of the criteria used by search engines to categorize and prioritize results. ProjexTeam™ includes integrated SEO Tools and an analytics dashboard to support these efforts.

  • Reporting Tools

    Both ProjexTeam™ and ProjexB2B™ provide reporting tools for online sales/revenue tracking and analysis. ProjexB2B™ offers additional (optional) tools for commission tracking, as well as API integration opportunities for cloud-based CRM and ERP applications.

ProjexB2B Industrial Ecommerce Platform

  • Dedicated Hosting Packages

    For our B2B, industrial ecommerce platform, Projex IMC recommends a managed, dedicated hosting package. This approach ensures the necessary processing power and bandwidth to support complex product structures and more processor-intensive transactional requirements.

  • Advanced, 24/7 Security Monitoring services

    Between local “pranksters” and geopolitical bad actors, the Internet has become an increasingly dangerous environment. Threat vectors include Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, malicious code modifications (Malware), virus infections (often resulting in data theft), phishing attacks (source forgery) and more. Our web hosting environment and web application software platforms utilize a layered cybersecurity approach (multiple firewalls, 24/7 monitoring) and scheduled onsite/offsite backups to mitigate or minimize these threats.

  • B2B Optimized Ecommerce Capabilities

    Industrial business models often involve complex business relationships, complex product lines (e.g. packaged products/engineered products) and complex transactional requirements (role-based discounts and contract pricing, for example) that cannot easily be adapted to the limitations of a traditional, B2C ecommerce platform. ProjexB2B™ was designed to help manufacturer’s address and mange these complexities.

  • Complete ProjexTeam™ Compatibility

    Our ProjexTeam™ and ProjexB2B™ platforms share a common codebase to ensure a smooth transition as your ecommerce initiative evolves. This works in reverse as well, allowing customers to scale back if needed to address an economic downturn or other unforseen events.

  • User Roles / Access Control

    Industrial ecommerce may involve a range of user types — from direct sales through scenarios that include multiple distribution layers (dealers, distributors, job shops, etc). ProjexB2B™ provides the ability to define a nearly unlimited number of user types that can then be leveraged for access control, product visibility, payment/shipment methods and more.

  • RESTful API

    ProjexB2B™ includes a REST API with many addressable endpoints to facilitate integration between your ecommerce platform and other web-connected tools, such as a CRM system or a cloud-based accounting package. Prebuilt connections are available for many popular tools.

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