ProjexPress® is open source, cloud-based software designed to help small and midsize businesses execute strategic business development projects more efficiently and affordably. Built on top of the award-winning WordPress publishing platform, our activity tracking tool is easy to use, highly configurable and purpose-built to support the communication, coordination, collaboration and control requirements of blended (internal and external, local and remote) project teams.


Project coordination is an important — and time consuming — responsibility. ProjexPress® simplifies the process by focusing a project manager’s attention on the high level structure of a project (phases, gates, milestones and tasks), while ensuring that this structure is clearly visible to all members of the team.

Designated team members fill in the next level of detail … the intermediate activities (subtasks) that ultimately propel a project from one milestone to the next. This practice empowers your team by effectively leveraging each member’s subject matter expertise and experience. It’s also far more motivating than a traditional, top-down approach to project management.


As a project unfolds, initial assumptions about phase durations, staff availability and project risk factors are bound to fall short of reality. This is normal: People get sick; weather strikes; mistakes are made. A good project manager recognizes that even the most carefully planned projects are subject to change by unforseen events, and that rigid, management prescribed solutions are rarely as effective as those derived from project team input. The key is communication.

Open lines of communication help ensure that everyone involved in a project is aware of important project parameters and engaged in the process of finding solutions as new threats and opportunities emerge.


Collaboration occurs when project team members are empowered to work toward a common objective. In the context of strategic business development projects, collaboration sits at the intersection between coordination and communication, and communication and control.

ProjexPress® fosters collaboration by exposing essential information to project team members, encouraging interaction, discussion and problem solving, and aggregating the tools needed to get things done efficiently!


Project managers face many constraints while executing strategic business development projects. Some of these constraints are unplanned and undesirable, while others are purposely imposed by the project’s sponsor.

Involuntary constraints (risks) can potentially derail the voluntary ones (important project parameters including scope, budget, schedule and quality requirements). ProjexPress® supports important controls that can be used to identify and manage the constraints that pose a risk, while keeping tabs on the key parameters that ultimately define a project’s success.