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Drive Growth

One cloud-based platform … three game-changing capabilities: From strategic planning to complete enterprise transformation.

Improve Productivity

Optimize IT operations, systems and security — then convert your IT investments into competitive advantages through training, collaboration and support!

Engage Employees

Compete and adapt with an engaged, collaborative workforce focused on performance …

ProjexTeam™ eBusiness Platform
eBusiness Platform Concept

Modular, Configurable Solutions

The modular architecture of the ProjexTeam™ dBusiness platform allows us to configure each solution to meet your immediate business requirements. Start wherever you like … then request activation of additional capabilities, as needed, to address specific business issues and optimize performance in targeted areas.

Business ProblemeBusiness Solution
Improve web presenceBase
Create high-performance teamsDigital Workspace
Develop and execute a winning business strategyStrategic Planning Platform
Align sales and marketing initiatives for sustainable business growthDigital Sales and Marketing Platform
Optimize operations across all major functional areas of the businessEnterprise Transformation Platform
Facilitate end-to-end (CRM-to-Cash) process automationService Automation Platform
  • ProjexTeam™ Digital Workspace
    (ProjexOffice™ + extranet + optional website)

    Facilitate innovation and efficiency by connecting your virtual private office to a collaborative, access-controlled extranet.

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  • ProjexTeam™ Strategic Planning Platform
    (ProjexTeam™ Digital Workspace + strategic planning tools)

    Develop a winning business strategy and prioritize improvement projects.

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  • ProjexTeam™ Digital Sales and Marketing Platform
    (ProjexTeam™ Strategic Planning Platform + digital sales and marketing tools)

    Align sales and marketing. Integrate tools and equip your team to achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

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  • ProjexTeam™ Enterprise Transformation Platform
    (ProjexTeam™ Digital Sales and MarketingPlatform + HR/Organizational development and IT/CyberSecurity management tools)

    Develop a winning strategy. Identify, prioritize and plan projects to help your organization achieve strategic objectives. Align sales and marketing initiatives. Recruit, manage and develop a high-performing team. Implement and manage high-value IT investments and protect critical business systems/intellectual property.

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  • ProjexTeam™ Service Automation Platform
    (Chosen platform + service automation tools)

    Automate service delivery/customer support workflows, creating a compelling competitive advantage in your key markets.

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Our virtual office solution brings distributed work teams together. Team members work in close proximity (virtually speaking) regardless of location. And, when used in conjunction with our ProjexTeam™ dBusiness platform, distributed teams can take advantage of single-sign-on (SSO) integration to access a wide range of cloud-based collaboration and communication tools and process optimization capabilities.

Sococo’s patented communication and collaboration technologies provide many of the amenities inherent in a physical office environment. However, UNLIKE a traditional office, we bring the tools to you! No travel expenses. No lost productivity. No hassle.

Key features include:

  • Chat
  • Presence
  • Instantaneous meetings
  • Hands-free audio communication
  • Simultaneous screen sharing
  • Unlimited guest access
  • Live video feeds
  • And more!

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