Sourcing Talent in Today’s Fast-Paced “Freelance” Economy

Talent Solutions in a Freelance Economy

As more and more information workers pursue independent careers — and more SMBs pursue this independent talent to scale their businesses efficiently — new business models are emerging to address the challenges and opportunities of this “freelance” economy. The challenge, for independent consultants, is to achieve visibility in a crowded playing field. From an SMBs perspective, the ability to leverage the skills and experience of independent talent, on-demand, can be a game-changer. The challenge for them? How to locate, qualify and engage this talent efficiently.

Projex IMC has the solution …

Projex IMC addresses the challenges faced by independent talent AND the businesses seeking their skills and experience. Our Talent Solutions are designed to efficiently and affordably connect professional and technical resources with businesses in need of their services. Our unique, project-based professional/technical services marketplace combines the benefits of project coordination through a single source (Projex IMC), highly-experienced, U.S.-based project managers, and globally-sourced independent talent.

We recruit and pool talent within a purpose-built network, providing a convenient, one-stop, web-based destination for SMBs to identify, qualify and connect with professional and technical service providers.

We train and certify contractors in our network, and we provide a common set of tools that can be used to manage client projects and their interactions with subject matter experts. Our process helps clients achieve greater returns on their project-based investments, in the shortest possible time frame. It also simplifies the entire service delivery experience; from locating and qualifying talent, through engaging their services and managing the billing process. We also eliminate the potential risks of worker mis-classification.

All projects are coordinated through our Virtual Operations Center, allowing clients to engage directly with individual contractors. Projex IMC can also bundle multiple resources to create a project team, add project management services, and even build an internally led, externally staffed Department-as-a-Service.