• Your Digital Transformation Partner

    Digital Transformation Projects
  • Focus.

    Start by converting your website into a cloud-based, integrated Digital Business Transformation platform.

  • Execute.

    Power up your platform by activating modular components that address your highest priority objectives.

  • Accelerate.

    Connect your team to highly-qualified subject matter experts, ON-DEMAND, in our unique, cloud-based Integrated Management Center.

  • The Result?

    Achieve strategic clarity, competitive advantages and optimized performance at 30–50% less cost, time and complexity vs. point software solutions and legacy consulting methods.

    Projex IMC - Your Digital Transformation Partner

Your Digital Transformation Partner


Strategic Services

Rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses in key business processes. Our step-by-step methodology, cloud-based performance analytics toolkit and related support services can help your team develop and execute a winning business strategy:

  • Structured process
  • Cloud-based platform, tools and templates
  • Integrated support services

Digital Transformation Tools

Connect your team. Plan your path forward. Then convert your website into a powerful, extensible dBusiness platform. Start with one of our standard configurations … then tailor your platform to meet specific digital business transformation requirements:

  • Strategic planning
  • Enterprise mobility/optimization
  • Digital marketing and sales execution
  • Enterprise transformation
  • Service automation

Talent Solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives by leveraging Projex IMC’s flexible, on-demand talent solutions. Clients and consulting partners can draw from an extensive pool of project managers and qualified subject matter specialists, as needed, to achieve strategically-aligned operational objectives:

  • Individual resources
  • Department-as-a-Service™ solutions
  • Managed project teams

Strategic Services

Succeeding in a highly competitive, data-driven business environment requires clear alignment between your overall strategy and investments undertaken to optimize business performance. Our strategic approach is designed to help your business identify, prioritize and execute high value improvements across all major functional areas of the business … from marketing and sales to operations, human resource (HR) and information technology (IT) management.

  • Strategic Planning
  • IT/CyberSecurity Support
  • Web Development/Digital Marketing Services
  • HR/Organizational Development

Digital Transformation Tools

Digital transformation encompasses any actions taken by an organization to optimize or modify its manufacturing, distribution and/or service delivery processes. The overall goal is to innovate and adapt — using technology as a catalyst — to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. These changes may be subtle (streamlining a workflow, for example) or disruptive (e.g. introducing a completely new business model), and may affect internal operations only, or some combination of internal and external components within the value chain.

Our Digital Transformation Tools include a unique, cloud-based virtual office and an open source website/extranet development environment designed to facilitate collaboration and innovation both internally and across organizational boundaries. We call it the ProjexTeam™ dBusiness platform. You’ll call it a game-changer for enterprise mobility, digital transformation and cost-effective strategy execution.

IT Support Services
On-Demand Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions

Most small and mid-sized businesses are staffed to meet the demands of daily operations … leaving little (or no) capacity available for the research, evaluation, planning and execution of digital transformation projects. Projex IMC solves this problem by providing easy access to our network of consulting partners, experienced project managers and globally sourced subject matter experts, on-demand, through our Integrated Management Center.

Clients (and consulting partners) are able to interact directly with skilled service providers — face-to-face, screen-to-screen — whenever the need arises. Service agreements are managed by us … using our integrated service automation system. Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Website/Webstore Development
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Execution
  • HR/Organizational Development
  • IT/CyberSecurity Management
  • Service Automation

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