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    68% of industrial buyers prefer to conduct their own product research.

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    48% prefer to buy with no sales rep involvement!

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    Convert your website into a powerful, integrated, Industrial Ecommerce Platform.

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Industrial Strength Websites

Rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses in your existing website. Our step-by-step methodology and related support services can help your team develop and maintain a world-class, strategy-based web presence:

  • Strategy alignment
  • Creative support services
  • Programming/content development services
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Hosting solutions

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Industrial Ecommerce Platforms

Convert your new website into a powerful, extensible, affordable Industrial Ecommerce Platform. Begin by developing a well-defined, search optimized product catalog (we can help!) … then choose the platform that meets your current sales, marketing and budget requirements. Add on as your needs evolve:

  • Base Platform – ProjexTeam™
  • Intermediate (B2B) Platform – ProjexB2B™
  • Advanced (Manufacturing) Platform – ProjexMFG
  • Digital Sales Room (optional add-on to above)
  • Virtual Office (optional add-on to above)
  • iOS/Android Apps (optional)

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Efficient Integration Projects

Leverage the capabilities of your industrial ecommerce platform with a low- or no-code integration to your CRM, ERP and other third-party software systems. You’ll save time, reduce operating costs, improve data integrity, and eliminate the painful side effects of managing data in multiple, siloflexible, intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features to help your team achieve pipeline growth and HIT rate objectives:

  • No/low code solutions
  • Intuitive visual data mapping interface
  • Cloud-based (iPaaS) data mapping and interpretation
  • Connect one or multiple applications — all at once or over time
  • Little or no IT team involvement required on your end
  • Affordable pricing plans – scale at your pace
  • Proven results

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IT Support Services

Web Development Services

Projex IMC offers a wide range of website development services … from concept development and branding to feature development and hosting.

  • Creative Services
  • WordPress Website Development Services
  • Web Content Management
  • Technical Support
  • Hosting

Digital Sales & Marketing Services

Most small/mid-sized businesses are staffed to meet the demands of daily operations … leaving little (or no) capacity available for the research, evaluation, planning and execution of digital sales and marketing projects. Projex IMC solves this problem by providing easy access to our experienced project managers and subject matter experts, on-demand, through our Integrated Management Center and virtual office.

Clients are able to interact directly with skilled service providers — face-to-face, screen-to-screen — whenever the need arises. Service arrangements are managed through our Integrated Management Center:

  • Digital Sales Training
  • Sales and Marketing Support Services
  • Strategic Planning Services
On-Demand Talent Solutions

IT Services

Succeeding in a highly competitive, data-driven business environment requires clear alignment between your overall strategy and investments undertaken to optimize business performance. Our strategic approach is designed to help your business identify, prioritize and execute high value IT/Cybersecurity improvements across all major functional areas of the business.

  • Managed IT Services
  • Diagnostic & Repair Services
  • Computer Networking Services
  • Backup & Recovery Services
  • CyberSecurity Services
  • vCIO Services

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